Friday, October 19, 2012

State Religion

Science is a religion.  It's world view derives from dividing the whole, isolating each elemental pieces. "Taking apart" or dividing into categories and boxes.  Science is also human centered.  Knowledge is valued according its usefulness to the human being and human endeavor.  The driving endeavor is "can you sell it?"  then "can you make a profit, year after year after year."

Cancer? Bombard the body with something which will kill  the invading cells. There will be collateral damage, but that is the cost of war. If enough "good cells" live and can grow, then survival is possible.

Salmon? Invent costly equipment which can isolate that gene which allow scientists the ability to predict when a salmon will spawn.  Prediction is control and regulation.   Nature is wise.  Salmon, even those who enter into the rivers at the same time, will come upriver at different times, some stopping in the pools.   It has something to do with relationship with the water, things that grow in water, around water, conditions of the ocean and water, conditions of other living things which the salmon relies upon, or feeds.  I suppose this society would call it "unpredictable."  But that is just how Nature is.  Everything but regulated and predictable and controlled by the human being.

Teaching science? Sixth graders will learn about water and wind and sky. Seventh graders will learn about creatures and plants. Eighth graders will learn about earthquakes and other phenomena. Release these trained people into the world in 12 years of schooling and they won't be able to see the whole and only see the parts, or have faith that the parts identify, explain, and is all there is to Life, especially the part called Human which stands apart, always in all situations.

Diminishing natural resources?  Go to war to dominate what's left.

This is not human nature.   There are countries around the world and human beings within this Empire we live in who live another value system which have roots into the past -- sustainable world views,  ways of life.   The value system of capitalism gone amok is a recent aberration.  If the human being does not follow common sense, tradition, legacy from an unbroken past, and buy this non culture of waste and hoarding and profit based thinking, they will become mutant beings with no foresight, whose heart cares for nothing more than the paper they've printed for money, who glut on the future of their children leaving them only ruin and waste and suffering.  Individualism without responsibility -- separated from the generations, and from the clan, and no past no future, no future generations. This government believes that amassing weapons of mass destruction of the earth determines who is the "fit" who will survive. 

Does it really? 

Will this empire survive?  These mutant beings born from colonialism and capitalism, can they feed themselves without the back breaking labor of other human beings? Can these beings keep warm without sacrificing the great rivers, the pure air, without digging up the innards of Mother Earth? Can they make a fire without a match.

Dark thoughts in a dark time in the Monster.  Make sure you stand where you can see its belly.

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from Outside the Monster's Belly

from Outside the Monster's Belly
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