Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Hits Cuba

My sister just Facebooked me about Hurricane Sandy.  The article says that it hit Santiago de Cuba with a force of a level 2 hurricane, 110 mph.  It referred to a death in one of the other Caribbean islands but no news on Cuba except where it hit.  Other than a short paragraph: 
Hurricane Sandy, strengthening rapidly after crossing the warm Caribbean Sea, slammed into southeastern Cuba early Thursday with 110 mph winds that cut power, damaged homes and blew over trees across the city of Santiago de Cuba, we don't know much."

However, I know for sure that the rest of Cuba would probably have sent all the trucks in the country going that direction to move things out of homes which needed a safe place because with the blockade things like appliances are hard to replace, that the doctors made sure all 100 of their patients had enough medicines and some were put in hospitals which are built most safely, that all the school children living away, went home early making sure their rooms were ready for families, because schools are also safe buildings, that even small children have a task, and that the school children and others made sure that the dead branches were cut, sewers cleaned, that all was in preparedness, because they would have tracked this hurricane and not having to worry about the profits of the hotel business, and attending to their attitude, that the human being first, the people would have had enough advance notice to take care of things the best they could. The elders, the sick, the disabled, those pregnant, visitors and guests in homes would all have been accounted for so that they would be in the safest situation possible. But I am still concerned and will be praying for them.

But what will happen on the northern seaboard in the United States.  

One of the best things which can happen with the end of the blockade the US has put on Cuba is the flow of ideas -- one of which is HOW to prepare for surviving a Hurricane.  Or will capitalism be able to adopt such a model.

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