Monday, January 12, 2015

What is Human

My sister, Bahati Ansari, posted this on my Facebook timeline. It gives me an opportunity to say something I've been thinking about Black Lives Matter. And Indigenous Lives Matter. Brown Lives Matter. I believe the State represented by the police and their violence targeting Black, Brown and Indigenous youth reveal starkly the underpinnings of the wealth of this country -- a wealth which is enjoyed by only the few and oppresses many. The underpinnings are the twin evils -- institutionalized slavery for profit by color and colonization by genocide. 
This critter you see Killing the snake for pretty boots without a blink of an eye or a thought is called "Man" but it is not a Being at all. It is Mr. White Supremacy who created himself. Human Nature is not greed and violence. Human Nature is to care for, to care about, to tend. That is what we were made for. Check you heart. What do you know about yourself. This aberration that this animation shows we have become is new and it is without rules, regulations, unbound in destruction.
Everything in the way of the destruction is destroyed and bottom line is Black Lives, Indigenous lives, Indigenous resistance to cultural genocide is in "Progress" way. Everything is topsy turvy now in this world. Progress is destruction, death. And nature is backwards. Progress is profit for the few and nothing for many.
Why is making waste so important? Because as we acquire THINGS and turn our backs and turn off our hearts on what is REAL in Life, (can't even use the word Reality any more because reality means some horrible screaming drama ridden thing on tv) we become like this animation guy who represents Man.
Well, he does not represent me. I am a being who is part of the Circle of Creation. I have a sacred responsibility just as the other beings do, innately. We have choice, but the choice is to be always for Life not Death. Sadly the human being has broken out of that sacred circle of life for a long time and we live in the destruction. But we still can choose at any point to be Human. Like the Chief Sisk said this weekend, we might not see the end of this destruction, but we must do our part during our lifetime at least for the young ones to build upon. As for the ending of this animation, I don't believe in aliens, even aliens who've come to destroy the destroyer, but I believe in indigenous ways of life. Follow indigenous out of this mess. Don't allow projects which destroy their way of life. Don't put up with the killing of innocent Black. Brown and Indigenous lives. It is all related. And we are all part of the whole, if we choose to be. This little animation is an interesting way to show how we look to the rest of the world, out of control and so destructive that the universe sends out the universe cops. It's a same sad storyline. But we can change it movement by movement, action by action, prayer by prayer, ceremony and commitment to Mother Earth, for Life and for all Beings.


George Price Well-said, Misa. I agree that this way of being is an aberration, and not the true nature of humanity. It is just so dominant and prominent to us that it is normalized in our consciousness, because we have forgotten the first ways, the Indigenous Earthways. So, what I also see as incorrect in this film is that this wrong way or "upside down" way, as you say, and the wetiko way, as Jack Forbes called it in his book, Columbus and other Cannibals, does NOT go back 500,000 years. It is actually a very recent aberration in the time scale of homo sapiens sapiens (which is actually estimated to be a little less than 200,000 years). Vast destructive empires and megasocieties in human history only go back about 4,000 years (or 2% of modern human history) and the more intensely-destructive modern industrial capitalist and state socialist empires only go back less than 200 years. I also agree with you that sustainable, Indigenous lifeways have the guidance to a new direction that we need. I don't depend on space aliens or politicians.

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