Sunday, January 12, 2014

Maki's Next Stepr

We are very happy that Maki is ready for her next step.  She has secured a potential job if she completes her training at a restaurant on the north side, Oakway Mall.  Nice area for her.  I let her know of some really well priced apartments close to her workplace.  She had bought a car so it will be no problem for her to get to school clear across town.

In her shoes, I'm sure she is ready to spread out, her own kitchen, her own stuff, closets enough, bathroom all to herself.  And I am sure at thirty, you would not want your parents to know that much about how you spend your day, with what and with whom.  I can tell you, as parents, we certainly wish we did not know so much.  The mystique of your adult children taking care of themselves, keeping within their announced budget and life goals should be kept that way.  You cannot expect parents not to wish for the goals you proclaim, adult children.  Proclaim away and tell them only what they need to know.  It's time for them not to fret.

So we are excited for her move and her job and her schooling and being able to be in the same town and see each other from time to time.  A great way to start the New Year!

All we know about our other daughters is that Josina is doing fabulous in Minneapolis contracting, her days filled with work.  CeCe McDonald is almost out of prison and ready to move in as a roommate.  And Margaret is happy, clean and sober, loves her job, and is taking care of her two children very well!    We are Facebook and email distance away.  Visits now and then to catch up.

That's it for now on the home front!

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