Tuesday, October 15, 2013

6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About Founding America

I am putting this here for school teachers who want to teach the truth about the 15th cy. in Europe and who was third world and who was first.  This post AND Beyond the Mayflower, and Marco Polo's supposed journals, and you're ready to roll.  I say this because if you ask your students about the meaning of third world, they will list off all the traits which make a country third world.  If you ask what countries are third world they will list Mexico, the continent of Africa and in the old days China, but I wouldn't be surprised if China still came out of their mouths after such brainwashing.

But please, even if off the radar, show how advanced Native peoples were in this unit.

They will be shocked at the 3rd world conditions of Europe -- the first wars against each other and their part of Mother Earth.  Columbus is an export of death, environmental disaster, violence, war, disease, illiteracy, everything that makes a country a third world.  Four hundred nations becoming third world on this land is proof. And that is repeated all  over the Americas and the Caribbean.   And the African continent suffering still from the unimaginable ravaging of the slave trade.  It is important that your students know that the Creator did not make a third world country.  The Creator and Nature takes care of us all.  If your students do not know what makes a country third world they will have no analysis to know what is happening to them right now, by their own government as corporations strip their own of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness with their endless pursuit of paper money by the destruction of our Mother Earth fueling our addiction to fossil fuel and a lifestyle of waste with the Xtreme fracking industry.

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