Sunday, July 14, 2013

Acquittal of a Bad Man

 The Z-Man, acquitted, found to be Not Guilty in Amerika for chasing down in a car Trayvon Martin, who was on foot to share the evening with his brother, now  running for his life from a bogey man in the night.   The Z Man is found Not Guilty for getting out of the car, taking out his gun and murdering young Trayvon in cold blood.  We could hear the terrified scream from this young son of the Martin family rip through our hearts on the 911 operator recording.  The Z-Man, the bogey man, the sick bad man goes free for the murder of innocence.  One more martyr for bloody Amerika with a slaveholding genocidal soul.

 Rest in Peace, Trayvon Martin, in the love of your family and in the tears of a nation that one more beautiful, promising, precious Black youth is martyred.  You are precious.  You will not be forgotten.

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from Outside the Monster's Belly
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