Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scott Prouty

Scott Prouty.  47 percent video. 
The fact is  6 corporations own and control 90 percent of the newspapers in America.  But they don't own Scott Prouty, a Florida bartender hired to work a Republican fundraiser where people paid 55,000 to attend a dinner, drinks and hear Romney's speech who videoed Romney saying things opposite of what he was saying in public, like going overseas to buy a company of underpaid, exploited women workers.  Prouty was a proud, hardworking worker so that caught his attention and he filmed it.  He also filmed what Mitt Romney thinks of 47 percent of the American people -- almost half of us -- lazy people who think we're entitled to healthcare, homes, and the good things of life.

Unlike him.  The man born in wealth so much so that the people who put food on the table and poured his drink were mere "hands."  If he saw Scott Prouty perhaps things would have gone a bit differently for him.

So the only good reporters in America -- make that, the only good reporter in American -- was a working class bar tender in Florida.

Thank you Scott Prouty.  Thank you to your parents that you say out loud that you have ideals, you recognize news, you struggled with your conscience and looked in the mirror and said "you coward" and then sent those few seconds of video out in the world, definitely out to the American People, during a time most still were not so tamed that they wouldn't vote their self interest as working people.

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