Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WW/ Maori TV

I just viewed the Winnemem Wintu Salmon Ceremony on the Rakaia story Maori TV covered. It was done very well. I remember the night the director and videographer came to the Marae to talk to Caleen and Mark. I must commend them on their patience. They had to wait quite a bit because that was also the night before ceremony and a lot had to be done. But wait they did. The Winnemem expressed their concerns. The leaders were heard and were respected.

Here is the website:

I watched the whole program. The issues covered were very interesting. And for me, it was a treat to hear the language.
The Winnemem story follows these programs:
A story on the New Zealand and US position on the UN Declaration of Human Rights for Indigenous People. New Zealand is reconsidering and seem to have the leadership to ratify it now. The US, of course, is a different story. They talk about looking at it again, but Obama's representative is saying for "federally recognized tribes." That is cynicism at its worst. The whole Federal Recognition process is a huge violation of human rights of indigenous people, so, of course, it's just testing and hoping "you can fool most of the people most of the time." Americans, please stand up and be counted.

The second story is about how Aborigine TV in jeopardy and shows that although Australia ratifed the UN Declaration earlier (after first refusing to), and has issued apologies to the aboriginal people for a history of genocidal policies, they have not followed up these promises with action regarding some issues like the future of the Aboriginal tv network. A colonial state of mind seems still exists.

The third story is a Maori boxer's interview.

Then it is the Winnemem story including clips borrowed from Will of the California sacred areas.

This is followed by a rugby story.

Maybe you'd enjoy the whole program too.

Going to California today and will catch up on what's been happening. I know the judge has passed some kinds of comments on the Winnemem's human rights violation suit against the US government to their lawyers. I also am interested to hear more about the Winnemem leaders' meeting with the CA Fish and Wildlife people about reintroducing the salmon. And finally I'm going to learn about where we are about the Coming of Age Ceremony. Does the racist decisions by present Chief Forester of the Dekkas area still stand, the refusal to shut down a small part of the river from recreational boaters so the ceremony can go undisturbed and the young women can be guaranteed safety for only four days?

Steps forward, steps back, steps forward. There's a reason we've had the Prayer Fire going each month here in Eugene with all it's Fire Rules in the city.

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