Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The View Outside the Belly

Today, while driving, news came on. The focus was the "financial situation" of the US. One speaker after another talked about the fear of future needs for bailouts and the financial condition.

You know you're outside the belly when all of this sounds like another language, an alien concept. Everyone I know is focused on what is happening to the Earth, other living beings, and Wall Street is not real.

You know you're outside the belly when nothing President Obama has done affected your life positively -- and you voted for him! There is no difference from the Bush years. You know you're outside the belly when news that he spent a whole day on the Space Program puzzles you. It stopped me in my tracks because my mind had already wandered to the expansion of environmental disaster on a galactic scale.

You know you're outside the belly when health care debates don't affect you because it doesn't cover your doctor. In fact, Indian doctors make no living off of curing people. You know you're outside the belly when you look on roadsides in the spring, checking for this year's medicine.

You know you're outside the belly when someone comes to your door and offers to mow your lawn and when you begin to say No, they look surprised. You realize that all over the neighborhood, manicured lawns make yours stand out as a field. "Uh, I'm waiting for the hyacinth growing in the lawn to fade," I clumsily explain.

You know you're outside the belly when you see a lawn full of dandelions and say, we must really need dandelions this year, not remembering up and down the street people armed with poison are eradicating them.

You know you're outside the belly when your leader, your doctor, your spiritual advisor -- the person you take guidance from on all levels -- is off the radar to political leaders and BIA tribes -- yet known all over the world.

This is really an outside the belly moment, that people with authority in this country, the experts, the people we're supposed to follow, listen to and believe, cannot see what every other world leader sees, cannot hear Truth, cannot see the true form of the true crisis, and instead chases paper money, and numbers, clinging to a world created by people like them visible only on balance sheets, stock market lists, totally made up. Can't see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, touch it. We are taught that this false reality can make you "rich" enough to buy health, home, prepare you for natural disasters, safety, influence, prestige -- money can buy all that.

But it's a lie. Winnemem teaches us that. New Zealanders know that. Cuba exists to reveal, it's all a lie.

Seriously, when I pick up a paper, tune into the news now, I feel like the media commentators -- whether left or right --, the Washington DC politicians, I feel like a bunch of mutants or alien beings have taken over these places. It's like we are not living in the same world. It's quite a Mad Hatter's party inside the belly of the beast.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to my friend Barry Reid's conversation starter on Facebook about physicist Stephen Hawkins warning of the real probablity of Alien Beings and cautioning everyone that they are more than likely coming to take over things, and in light of my own thoughts during that conversation, I must change the ending of this blog to delete any reference of alien beings and stick with the mutant metaphor. I do believe that somehow, maybe on a DNA level for some, they have mutated to mammom-centered, material-minded, profit-prioritizing species whose life goal has become to run amok -- scampering around, not knowing what they're doing or what they should be doing as part of Earth's living things, making horrible mischief -- and the salmon, the bear, the deer, the eagle and the mouse can no longer help them.

So my advice to Stephen Hawkins would be do not move toward fear, do not follow the mutated perspective how to be on Earth and fill your eyes with Life. Follow the salmon. Follow the water. The sacred is our teacher.

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from Outside the Monster's Belly
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