Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Cuba Impressions"

Here is Will's video of our trip to Cuba, "Cuba Impressions." It expresses our feelings as well as shows you what we experienced there. If you are interested in more, locally, Free the Five Committee will be bringing the art work of Antonio Guerrero to Eugene. The exhibits will be at the Fenario Gallery downtown, Opening Night will be on March 5, with music from Jessie Marquez. The exhibit will stay up for the month of March. And on April 17, we are sponsoring a one day conference on Cuba, "Cuba Awakening," at the 4J Auditorium, 200 N. Monroe, from 9:30 - 4. A continental breakfast and lunch will be served. It will be Cuban style of hospitality. There is no registration fee!

Juventud Faceta will also be showing their art show at that time. The local youth leadership group is a co-sponsor. Other co-sponsors are Amigos, Educacion y Justicia para la Raza, Latin American Solidarity Committee, LCC Latino Student Union, PanAsian Community Alliance.

Speakers will include Barb Morita, TK3, speaking about Cuban and USA response in Haiti, and a comparison of Hurricane Response, Katrina (New Orleans) and Dennis (Cienfuegos); Steve Wake, filmmaker, Berkley, showing his film and speaking about Tsukimi Kai. His film is "Under the Same Moon"; Judith Castro will speak of her personal journey as a Cuban American, visiting her family in Havana in her presentation, "Cuba Awakening," and she will give an update on her gender studies; Dennis Gilbert of Free the Five, locally, will give an update of the Cuban 5, political prisoners in the US. Other speakers have not been confirmed at this date.

Please enjoy "Cuba Impressions" by Will Doolittle dedicated to our Cuban friends and familia:

Cuba Impressions from Moving Image on Vimeo.

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