Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WW/ Nature Way

Ceremony is part of nature. People say "we're part of nature" as a nice truism, but as Winnemem, we really are. The unfortunate proof is that "progress and development" stops us or causes stress and interference. And we do the best we can. Ceremony whether it is a daily morning prayer and smoking up the house or going around the Fire or the big ceremonies on sacred land, or caring for the land, the songs, the ceremonies, or gathering herbs, or getting water, or raising our youth, caring for elders, all of it, keep us part of the ebb and flow of nature. And nowadays, interferences to the ceremonies and its repercussions -- the sadness and stress on our hearts as well as bodies -- that is a big indicator that we live a life in nature. Like I have said I would not want to be clueless that we live in a time of earth crisis no matter how it feels.

So in these times of upheaval and the end of things, it is natural that part of the "flow of things' includes being stopped at every turn. Nothing is as it was supposed to be any more. And when we are stopped, we may eddy, and then keep on going the best we can leaving behind the stress of worry, regrets, anger and hate, all the other things we pile on hearts which keep us from doing what is needed as part of nature, leave it all behind us, because it can't help. This weekend, there will be a lot of work to do at the Fire together.

But it's not right.

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